Abi Saab campaign: a historical independent movement


Started 2 months ago, Abi Saab campaign offered a new Lebanese political style, a non hostile to any other candidate, rather an identified program that was running behind his candidacy.

On the 13th of April, the National War Day, the group launched the Coalition of Democratic Liberal Independent Forces, in a big event in the Old Port Of Byblos, after the opening speech of Ramy Olleik, Dr Majid Abi Saab spoke about the importance of real peace. A Video clip was issued on that occasion and presented to the media, where he spoke about the environment.

Abi Saab was interviewed by Karim Gemayel on NBN, on sunday 26-5-09 at 9:00 p.m. a delicate moment that most lebanese should be sitting on TV, the interview was a good sight. Abi Saab explained about “The Pacific University Student” as a part of MOREP activities in universities.

Abi Saab made more than 450 group visits in the Jebbeh and Besharre district, and spoke about the program behind. People was loving his presence and speech.
He made an open letter to Lebanese citizens, explaining the opportunity to introduce a real peace and a new kind of technocracy in the government. It was distributed by volunteers, and through the internet to more than six hundred thousand Lebanese emails.

The nomination remains undecided waiting the 7th of June, the election day. Educated people for peace and technos in Besharre and Jebbeh district, if ever found, will vote for him, others will decide, making a real statistic of how far people are open minded to a technocratic politic and evolution.

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5 Responses to Abi Saab campaign: a historical independent movement

  1. Good Luck My Friend on Sunday. You deserve to succeed given your rare sence of integrity and loyalty to Lebanon scarce now a days!

    Hassan Saghir, PE(CE); M.Eng(Env.);Bsc(Agr.)& Dip.Ing(Agr.)

    Freelance Writer on the Morepist Press.

  2. MOREP Spokesman says:

    Only 36% of eligible voters, voted in Besharre District. 64% remained home.
    1.7% of citizen of Besharre District voted for MOREP President Dr Majid Abi Saab, they are now said to be free independent technocrats and against social extremism, hoping technocracy will find its way in the government.
    All others voted for the “popular politics” which divide our country!

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