OZONE Depleting Chemicals: “Remembering Our Future”

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and halon are two Ozone-depleting Chemicals that China has shut-down 5 of its 6 remaining plants to reduce its production. China, India and South Korea are leading producers of the 2 Ozone depleting chemicals. This program was supported by UNEP to reduce products manufacturing that harm the ozone layer. The Montreal Protocol imposed a deadline 2010 to stop these chemicals manufacturing by funding 140 developping countries who uses these chemicals in their products. MOREP Medical Chapter initiative is to make Lebanon participation with this Protocol and to sort out harmful manufactures since ozone depletion increases the risk of Skin Cancer by 5.? MOREP president proposes to ban all OZONE harming products to push manufacturers to save the OZONE layer.

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