Abi Saab: candidate of Besharre district

MOREP Spokesman declared this morning the candidature of Dr. Ch. Majid Abi-Saab of the maronite seat of Besharre district in the legislative poll. Dr Abi Saab has a special political program for Lebanon with a plan of economic revival for Lebanon and the countryside of Besharre district. He is known of his political background of saving the environment and has a program to make participate the civil groups and push the government to implement his environmental program throughout the country. He is the MOREP president since 2005, a political thoughtful movement. He financed the English and French newspaper webcast called THE MOREPISTS PRESS.
He is Medical Doctor with 3 main specialties and sub specialties : Rheumatology, Immuno-Rheumatology and Clinical Densitometry for Osteoporosis. He has many published studies, participated in numbers of research programs and presented his works in international congresses.
Humanity, reform and environment are his main concerns.
The most important headlines in his campaign includes: Absent? Save Your Country.

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2 Responses to Abi Saab: candidate of Besharre district

  1. Mira Zantout says:

    I’m a liberal Lebanese who never voted before because there were and still extremists candidates, who never let the intellectual persons (and of course the intellectuals represent always the majority) even to think about this action or to reach the parliament.
    Actually, after reading the program of Besharre’s candidate Dr.Ch. Majid Abi-Saab, i see a movement through its program, this could by excellence represent us as intellectual group, and with no hesitation i do give him my voice even if i’m from the other side, the South Lebanon.

  2. Mira says:

    Dear President Dr. Majid, if u see that I’m interesting about ur program, not to giving u a compliment which i ignore its way, nor even because something else, but you’ve to know that your program is really our thoughts our way of thinking, of care, of passion to our Lebanon, and from all my heart i hope that your program -which is our way of living- to see the light soon, then we (intellectual group) can breath healthfully..