MOREP and the health care reform

In the midst of dealing with countless challenges, and a deep ideological divide in Lebanese politics, MOREP allies have nevertheless made important strides in their pursuit of health care reform legislation. In what MOREP President characterized as “an important historical step,”? major participants representing the nation’s physicians and hospitals,? pledged to do their part to achieve the MOREP’s goal: reducing annually by 1.5% the growth of health care spending by implementing a serious preventive measures through media, conferences and free preventive medicine advisers, over the next decade saving an estimated $100 million for this period.

After the groups met with the president Dr Abi Saab on May 12, Abi Saab said, “when it comes to health care spending, we are on an unsustainable course that threatens the financial stability of families, businesses, and government itself.” In a study of Medical Health Cost in France, over 150 thousand million Euro are spent per year, 60% are said to be related to hospitalization cost. “We made a commitment; we expect you to make your effort to continue this plan.” The Medical Chapter proposed a government-sponsored insurance plan to cover hospitalization cost and medicine under the supervision of the ministry of Health and reforming the current MOH coverage system.? MOREPs’ ultimate goal: a government-run, insurance-payer system.

The new parliament should approve a budget resolution that set the stage for consideration of MOREP’s top domestic priorities in health care, education, and energy. The parliament health committee is involved in crafting health care reform legislation, MOREP Medical Chapter will offer technical advice.

Nevertheless, MOREPISTS remain undaunted by the challenges, believing that now is the time for reform because a majority of Lebanese currently place a higher priority on it than on a large and growing deficit.

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