Is just peace a solution

The worldwide problem comes from many facts: growing populations, lesser individual revenue with more expenses, increased ideological groups and terrors, intolerance.

In China, the population reached above one billion, India and poor countries do not have a sense of education and long run views. In Arabic countries limiting? reproduction is forbidden by religion.

The difference of expense versus revenue of each middle class family will become progressively wide for each newborn child. Intolerance is impressive in educated population, best revealed in universities and public communities. Perhaps economy becomes a kind of war against ideological groups.

The war is not a solution, and the peace also not. The problem is the tolerance, ideology, terror, increased low economical class and unreasonable number of siblings. Aggressive war is a result of all these.

If we continue by this mean, what will happen after one thousand years? The increased number of Humans on earth will reach forty billions, people will not have the possibility to eat and even drink. Manufacturers will produce unimaginable? foods and epidemic diseases and cancer will increase. There will not have enough medicine to treat. War based on different ideologies will take place with of course different arms of our days. Death will continue and human being will not be valued when war starts.

Populations should be aware of all these and dialog and recommendations from educated groups are a must.

As humanitarian, I think that open dialog and special education to reach more moderate instead of ideological groups are better for the future of the humanity. Lebanon suffered decades from that and still suffering. Whenever we have a dialog between religion representatives, it ends bad, whenever it is between politicians it ends worth.

The best dialog is to be handled in a moderate society by continual basis, elaborating recommendations.
In the MOREP, this step further is one of our aims to sustain peace and to reduce frictions in different populations within the country.

Moderate yourself is better for lifespan on earth!

Dr Abi Saab,
The president.

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Hardly working for a safe environment including politics to give our grandchildren a better future.
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