A new booklet for educational awareness on environment.

MOREP Educational Reform Chapter are planning to increase the awareness in school concerning the environment, a part of educational system.


By that way, we believe that the author of the book “Hayati Afdal Bil Akhdar” Katy Khattar approached? special targets, students and school instituters. The illustrator Dania Al-Khatib made the necessary to attract students interests. We support the author to sign the book in schools, a good approach for direct contact with readers.

By Mona Fleyfel

The ecological system is one of the most conversed issues in today?s world. Everybody is talking about the environmental problems we?re facing, the causes, and the consequences.

Terms such as global warming, acid rain, hazardous waste, water pollution are the main concerns for scientists, industrial persons, politicians, and people who are environmentally friendly and worried about the way our lives would continue if no improvements are made.

This book tackles many of these factual environmental problems in our daily lives and promotes effective solutions for dealing proactively with this matter so that starting kids at a young age would become a friendly citizens towards the environment and know how to protect it.

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