Up-Regulate Corruption!

Press Release. MOREP Spokesman

MOREPLOGO4 MOREP political chapter in its last official communication yesterday night, stressed on corruption.

MOREP president said that to fight corruption it is necessary to stop the link between state functionaries and political power, the latter covering the corruption.MOREP President 2008 Most of the functionaries are politically-related to any kind of parties, specially who are covered by political and field ghettoes.

By insuring the army and security services dominance over the country, collecting arms from different parties and making a platform of a defense mechanism against any territorial invasion from any side, the corruption will be directly up-regulated. The functionaries will loose the coverage of their parties. On a second step, a reform plan of recruitment of state functionaries is started based on capacity and neutral political orientation. A well organized audit system to find out the deficit and to improve the complicated bureaucracies is included in MOREP area of reform that contains codified indexed articles.

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