United For Lebanon: Under Barcelona treaty for the Mediterranean sea, UNEP responds to our quest for the Costa Brava landfill and marine waste.

Following the letter sent by the Coalition “United For Lebanon” (UFL) on 10/3/2019 to Dr. Luisa Rodríquez-Lucas as the legal representative of the United Nations Environment Program on the Barcelona Convention on Pollution of the Mediterranean, and after beeing met with the Delegation of the European Union to Lebanon, the UFL held this afternoon a meeting through Skype between Rodríquez-Lucas from its office in Athens, Dr Rami Olleik and Dr Majid Abi Saab representing UFL from the latter’s office in Beirut.

The meeting reviewed first the practical means available to solve Lebanon’s waste crisis, particularly those spread along the Lebanese coast, whether solid or sewage, with a focus on the landfill waste of the costabrava (Beirut) in terms of collection, sorting and landfill, as a case of the crisis of waste subject to negotiations between the legal team of UFL and the parties entrusted with and implementing the sorting and holding the coastal landfill, where it is hoped to find practical and effective solutions that will be the first since the explosion of the waste crisis in Lebanon.

The second was a technical one through cooperation in enforcing the conclusion of the negotiations referred to, from a sample of the Costabrava waste to the treatment of all marine wastes in order to protect the Lebanese coast as a whole.

The two sides agreed to follow up the coordination closely in order to reach the desired measures and solutions that will be announced when they are ready. “

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