The Titanic Lebanon

By Dr Abi?Saab?

I want to start by what all we agree about, Lebanon is for all.
Our population is unfortunately a mosaic of thoughts, a puzzle made of desintegrated system.
We always try to identify ourselves as we are for or against, for and against whom?
Is it how we renew our politics by critics? We are about as morepists analysing the situation based on facts instead of being affected by our backgrounds, either religious or ideologic belongs.
To reform our unique Lebanon, scientific measures should be instored into our minds first. We are always asked to declare our belongs! Morepists does not belong to others and never support anyone. Someone in the Great History asked the populations “who wants me, just follows me”, this is when democracy started from the?own will.

Dr Charles El-Malek asked oneday “why the Lebanese war happened ( Lebanon) not elsewhere?” anyone asked himself why?. Lebanon was the grey of the greedy ones and the open-minded population and development caused the jalousy. It started by imported illegal arms to create what happened later. After all these conflicts! the conflicts continue, part of Lebanese feels their belongs to overseas ideology, others want a secular system and others want their safe presence in the area. Whatever it is, Lebanon is a mosaic of thoughts that all now disagree that it is for all, everyone wants to tear off a part, and what to say again, negociation, and negociation to agree or disagree? Nowadays everyone wants to impose his own politics and belongs, his “way” of democracy, and hunting continues.?We all also agree for the resistance but all disagree for supporting alone the resistance.

Lebanese system of the Golden days disappeared, and I am afraid that if we support ideology because we are open-minded and tolerant, agreeing for?democracy by a secular system,?will bring us to a Titanic Lebanon. And did you ask yourselves why the war happened in Lebanon not elsewhere?MOREP NEWS

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