The Politics of Clean Water and Sanitation: No Improvement the Last Decade

MOREPLOGO4MOREP Environment Chapter

The General Politics of Lebanon and the so-called Council of Development and Reconstruction (CDR) does not put in application any program of perfect sanitation and drinking water while we reach a red line for Lebanon needs.

MOREP Environment Chapter together with Medical Chapter reviewed the reform planning concerning the water resources. The ESCWA-NY in 2005 put a plan of study to review water loss in Lebanon from big rivers and how it is consumed.

Nothing till now is done to distribute water and clean water equally. The problem is the contract between Lebanon neighbors getting a part of its water resources. Lebanon needs 50% more water in 2025 to satisfy our population. In the future plan, MOREP will stress this issue and put the project under action.

The second problem is water pollution from the bad sewage system. Lebanon needs to review all this infrastructure and to purify water.

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