The Metn Election Analysis

The Metn elections : A clash of the Titans between the Phalanges Party of President Gemayel on one side, versus the Syrian Nationalist Party and the Baath Party of Syria in Lebanon on the other side.

Al-Saghir point-of-view published to push forward?the political reform in Lebanon.

By Hassan El-Saghir, PE.; M.Eng(Env

Following the Metn elections last week to replace the empty siege in the Lebanese Parliament that resulted from the assassination of MP Pierre Gemayel, God bless his soul, the empty siege was won by General Aoun Party, thus defeating with a very narrow margin the Phalanges Party of President Gemayel.

Consequently to that, a verbal democratic clash was heard on TV between M/S Assad Achkar of the Syrian Party of Anton Saadeh and Kansouh of the Syrian Baath in Lebanon vs. President Gemayel of Kataeb.
President Amin Gemayel has repeated i guess, what his father before, the late Sheikh Pierre used to say: better to stay away from Dogmatic parties in Lebanon i.e. in Arabic, ?Ahzab Acaediah? which encompasses mainly the Communist Party, Progressive Socialist Party, Nasserite Party, Syrian Nationalist Party and the Baath Party of Syria. The Syrian Nationalists and Baath replied to him in a sharp manner on TV, as myself i heard from Future TV, on the internet.As to me, well my heart goes toward the Phalanges Party of Gemayel while my mind goes toward the Dogmatic Parties. In that respect, i exposed on MOREP Press and in details, my opinions on the necessity in the preservation of Arab Nationalist Parties such as the Baath of Syria and Irak, the Nasseris of Egypt and the Fattah of the occupied territories. I also expressed the necessity to preserve the Zionist Party of Israel i.e. Labor Zionists, if we are planning for Peace in the Middle East.In what follows, i will expose my personal analysis on this matter following the Middle Eastern and Worldwide situation as i observed it since 1984 when i immigrated to Quebec in Canada, then came for few years to Beirut in Lebanon, post the civil war.

When i first came to Quebec in 1984 and for many years to follow, i was surprised to discover that the main foundation of the French & English Canadian system was the ?Job?i.e to have a work to be able to survive. The same is true I guess in U.S.A.

Any one with a job can reach his goals whether spiritual or materialistic. Some one with no work is worth nothing!

Other things like Faith in God, Patriotism towards Canada, Extensive and Profound Education and Know How are of less importance as compared to the : Job.

In this respect, I classified such New World societies as of Homo-Faber like system.

In those systems, man accomplishes daily routine jobs of skilled or unskilled nature such as Engineering, Medicine, Finance, Taxi Driving, Restaurant Works, Construction Works, Etc?

Creativity is becoming rarer and rarer even in research centers or universities!

In Western Europe of that time in 1984 and before that at the end of World War II the main social system was of Homo-Sapient type since all of us remember the French Philosopher Descartes who declared : ?Je pense donc je suis? or in English : I think then I am. Aside from France, Germany and Switzerland and Italy went into the same French trend of the 17 Th. till 19 Th. centuries culminating in the Industrial Revolution.

However, those countries showed marked changes since the year about 1990 when Globalization led by the U.S.A and its allies mainly Great-Britain and Canada imposed their Homo-Faber model onto the Homo-Sapient one prevailing in Europe, the

Middle-East and Worldwide.

In carrying a Job i.e. acting as Homo-Faber, each one of us as employee has to perform some tasks prescribed by him by a certain hierarchy, termed the employer who at the end of the day, must make ?Dollar Profits?. This employee should perform his job without hesitation whether he is convinced of that or not. He is not allowed to think too much, nor to use scientific or technical literatures and mostly to be patient for many years to reach his meager role and become a Professional Puppet.

Now, tell me from where this name of Job came and where are its roots?

If you use phonetic techniques i.e. pronunciation, then we find it in the ?Holy Bible? inside the Books or in Hebrew, Ketuvims, as the Book of Job or Yob i.e. in Arabic, the Book of the Nabi Ayoub who is among other books as Daniel, Ezra, Ester, and Psalms?.

This Prophet Job was a good person, being tried many times by God, the same as a usual employee of a company in his daily job performances.

So what, and who is this medium to small Prophet Job who is similar to the small Prophet Joel and others compared to the Great Prophets of the Bible like Moses, Isaiah, Ezekiel or Jeremiah?

Who is this Prophet Job compared to Judges like Samuel, Samson or Gideon?

Who is this Prophet Job compared to Kings like Saul, David or Solomon?

Who is this prophet Job compared to Jesus Christ, the Messiah of all the times and places?

Who is this Prophet Job compared to the Bright and Great Prophet Mohammad or to the Wise Ali Ibn Abi Taleb?

The list can continue without an end!

Few years ago, in ?Chapter Book Store? on Stanley Street of Montreal, I was doing fast research on the malicious intelligence of Osama Ben Laden in his attack on Ground Zero of ?9-11, during September 2001, that dark day in Arab History with all it?s consequences on the Middle Eastern scene and mainly the Arabic countries. As you know, President Bashar Assad of Syria washed his hands from such a miserable fundamentalist person.

In this Chapter Library, I found a book in English in the philosophy section of the store entitled ?Malice? by a French Philosopher Falarfaud or Foucault..?. This book originally appeared in French under the name ?La Mechancete?. Among its chapters, a chapter on the Book of Job, who is exposed as a malicious one in other words, a Malicious Prophet!

Can you imagine that? Its better then, not to work, in other words to be a Homo-Sapient rather than a Homo-Faber who is a Worker i.e. some one with a ?Job?.

The ultimate performance of Job was with a bunch of white collar employees and public administrators, and it occurred in Nazi Germany during the Jewish Holocaust of World War II.

Such people who were ordinary employees with no technical skills and mostly

Homo-Faber like and in order to preserve their ?Jobs?, channeled the whole German population and the Third Reich, against a common enemy: The Jews of Europe!

A Holocaust of six million Jews resulted, enhancing the reminder world Jews to immigrate in masses to Palestine and hence establish under Ben Gorion the State of Israel in 1948. The Palestinians were expulsed from their country resulting in a huge demographic and ethnic problem to the whole Middle-East and mainly the Arabs.

Wars occurred successively between the Arabs and the Israeli making of that area, a boiling zone on world map.

Let us now return to the subject of our discussion which is, the Clash of the Titan Parties in the Meten of Lebanon.

As all of us know, the Phalanges party used to publish? before the Lebanese war it?s Journal termed, Le Travail i.e. Al Aamal in? other words in English, The Work. This was before the Lebanese war when Lebanon was healthy, independent and sovereign as a country of the Middle East.

The main qualities of the Falangists at that time and till now a day are that they were simple people, well educated with deep rooted Lebanese traditions and completely devoted to the Eternal Lebanon irrespective of Time and Space.

In addition, being of Christian majority, all are like Les Agneaux de Dieu or in English terms ?The Moutons of God? according to Catholic Catechisms Teachings!

Well, outstanding and all of us and among them, the Future People of Hariri are also the Moutons of God.

However, we want the Phalanges Party to live for one Thousand Year and faces the challenges that the intelligent Foxes of the Labor Zionist and Lekhud Parties are setting from the other side of the South of Lebanon in addition to, the intelligent and well organized plans of the Foxes of the Syrian Baath Party from the other side of the Eastern frontiers of Lebanon.

What i recommend? to the Kataeb Party of Gemayel that I cheer from all my heart, and respect it?s pure Lebanese roots, is to act more like Homo-Sapiens by creating a Wing of Super Educated and Intelligent Lebanese Elites devoted to Planning, Studying, Analysis,

Deep Thinking and using High Techs in problem solving. The other existing wing can continue to use Lebanese Traditions and hence, act as Moutons of God.

In this reform of the Phalanges of Lebanon, we will avoid the fate of the short life of sixty years of the David and Solomon Kingdoms or even the short life span of the forty

Years of the Rashidun of Islam and even the about eighty years span of the Omayyad rulings.

The longest being of course, the Abbasid Rulings of the Arabic countries.

In my above discussion, and by using the term Foxes in a Democratic Canada-American way, i am certifying that i am not injuring those Dogmatic Parties that i respect and feel to be essential in any Peace Treaty between Arabic States and Israel.

Political party life is a prime symbol of democracy and freedom of expression every where on earth.

Lebanon was and will continue to be a leader in his multi-party performances in the Middle East.

However, we should modernize our political parties in order to meet the future tough challenges.


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