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By accepting the terms of use, you vouch that you have read and understand the terms for using the above cited sites.

The editorial team or administrators of THE MOREPISTS PRESS reserves the right to change the terms of use without warning. It is your responsibility as a user to keep yourself updated on any changes to these terms. Any changes in the terms of use will be available at on www.announcexpress.com/mp

Based on the owner of the site wills, the sponsor for the Movement Of Reform and Environment Program, MOREP President, we have entered into an agreement with volunteers to carry out news coverage and management of the web site?s discussions and blogs and other tasks.

The content of this site is the property of the owner, managed by the editorial team. Other materials send from authors for publishing, either videos or written ones remain the property of the sender whom he is fully responsible of its content. When you publish content, make comments, participate in discussions or submit a picture or video, you give others the right to see your material. If you would take part in discussions, you give us the right to use your content for an unlimited period of time, in all forms and in all media. A login to THE MOREPISTS PRESS is personal and may not be transferred or borrowed to others. Any failure to comply with these terms can entail deletion of your user login and refused access to the site. THE MOREPISTS PRESS reserves the right to reject or shut down any username that may be offensive or insulting.

Rules for participating in and using the discussion

You may only participate in the discussion if you accept the terms of use given in this agreement. The terms are applicable to all content you may produce, comment on or contribute to through participation in discussions on THE MOREPISTS PRESS.

Your contributions should comply with applicable ethics. Any criminal liability or liability for damages is your responsibility. Any contribution is personal and must be addressed with your name. Any use of a false or suspicious name will entail deletion of your login profile and refusal of access to the site. Contributions to the debate should be in an appropriate tone and should be written in English or in French or any other EU language.

You must ensure that the content of your contributions is not racist, defamatory, offensive or in violation of personal privacy or in any other way against applicable ethics. Further, you must ensure that your contributions do not violate the intellectual property rights of others. As such, you guarantee that you possess the necessary rights to the material you wish to publish, comment on or participate in discussions on using this website. You should be aware that you may not disclose confidential information or in any other way write contributions that are offensive or demeaning. Your contributions may not be characterized as commercial messages and they may not contain advertisements, commercial internet links or similar.


The editorial team guided by MOREP.org reserves the right to edit or remove any contributions and comments on blogs, discussion forums or similar if the content is against applicable ethics, if the content is characterized as harassment or is written in a demeaning or offensive tone, if the content is impossible to understand.

The editorial team reserves the right to delete users and ban them from participating in further discussions if the user?s content does not meet the terms of use described in this agreement. The editorial team can at any time select specific contributions for deletion, and the editorial team has the right to shut down the ability to comment on a particular document or subject, if deemed relevant.

Liabilities and damages

Your contributions should comply with applicable ethics, and you yourself hold the legal criminal liability and liability for damages for this. Any possible claims against this site based onyour contributions will be passed on to you, and site owner or editor team or administrators volunteers must be held indemnified in any regard.

The use of any possible programs or software for using this site is at your own risk. We can not be held responsible for any possible errors or defects caused by using programs or software. Nor can we be held responsible, directly or indirectly, for the effects of using such programs or software.

The MOREPISTS PRESS cannot be held responsible for any loss related to the use of the site including loss of data as a result of service interruptions.

The MOREPISTS PRESS cannot take responsibility for problems between third parties and the user related to the use of illegal or damaging use of the site.

Any website connection to the site via links is not under MOREP.org, nor the editorial team?s control, and as such the MOREPISTS PRESS and the editorial team cannot be held responsible for the content of these websites.


Any information you submit about yourself to THE MOREPISTS PRESS through this site remains confidential, if you participate in blog discussion or submitting material, your name, website or email will appear to others. Personal information submitted to us is saved and is used for statistical purposes and to improve the website. Personal information will not be transferred to third parties and private information will be deleted.

The MOREPISTS PRESS will not sell or rent your personal information to others.

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