System Politics, an update

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The Codex Leningradensis the oldest complete Bible a codex of the Tiberian mesorah that has survived intact to this day, it was written in 1010 C.E., In the cover page appears a design with the Star of David and The Arabic Star. Is this a coincidence or something hidden behind? This symmetry of both plans vertically and horizontally reflects the Cross. If we go back to the oldest Egyptian sign, the ?Ankh? a symbol of eternal life, the geometry looks like a Cross. May this mathematical approach to resolve Middle East civilizations’ conflicts interest Hollywood Producers such as Mario Kassar? May Stephen Spielberg shoots a fantastic and historical movie about this arabic nationalism and zionism relic. May this approach will overthrow Hary Poter? El-Saghir by his way, gave us a mathematical approach of civilizations and related conflicts.? (more) CLICK to Open

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