Progress Report Concerning El-Saghir Published Papers In the Morepist Press And In His Personal Web Sites

M.Eng. (Env.); BSc. (Agr.); Dip. Ing. (Agr.)

State of the situation concerning my published papers on Environment, Politico-Mathematics, Arabism and other papers who were all published on the Morepists Press of Lebanon and then on my Private web sites.

As all of you might have known, I have started on summer 2007 to diffuse my political ideas and publish only a small fraction of my scientific researches on the Morepists Press ( and subsequently on my Personal web sites: Hydro Envirosystems Co. (, Center for Research on Political Systems for the Middle East (, Center for Physics Research (

In what follows, I will comment on the consequences of my published researches as I have remarked that from watching political events worldwide in addition to following different change in foreign politics of prominent governments of the West.

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In what follows, I will comment on the consequences of my published researches as I have remarked that from watching political events worldwide in addition to following different change in foreign politics of prominent governments of the West.

1. The collapse of the La Concorde Viaduct in Quebec

Following the collapse of this viaduct, the Government of Quebec represented by its Ministry of Transport carried a research to find initially that only 15 bridges had similar designs concerning the bridge load application points prior to June 2007.
Following my Research on the possible causes of collapse of this bridge centered on the Stalinization of concrete bridges resulting in concrete deteriorations, the government carried additional researches to end up with around 115 bridges necessitating repair or reconstruction. Therefore, in addition to old design methods, frost and defrost processes, Stalinization of bridge decks because of the spread of salts in winter became a possible long term cause of collapse.
Frost and defrost strains on concrete structures has also caused problems on concrete buildings and bridge wing walls not subject to the addition of salts, as was evident from the last collapse of a garage in the town of St-Laurent in Quebec because of deteriorating aged beams, due to corrosive attacks to reinforced concrete!

Following these conclusions, what are the remedies to the situation of bridge Stalinizations?

Well, my answer is to continuously monitor the situation of existing structures by visual inspections and data collections. Also, continuous repair works should not be stopped.
As to the newly finished constructed bridges, then I suggest from now on to spread calcium salts in spring and summer before each rain in order to rejuvenate the concrete with calcium that was exchanged with sodium in winter, in case sodium salts were spread on bridge decks in order to melt the snow.
The number of applications is identical with the number of snow storms and the dose from chemistry is around:

Dose of Calcium Salt = 1.4 x Dose of Sodium Salts

This yearly bridge rejuvenation will insure a long bridge life that will extend much beyond the structure design life of 50 to 75 years unless traffic increases more than expected to cause insufficiency in bridge size. Therefore, such an exess in operation cost should find its worth on the long run only in the reduction of concrete maintenance cost.

2. Discourse on Politico-Mathematics for Peace in the Middle East

This series of four papers is in itself a progress report that now reached number 3.
It is a theoretical exposition of the pre requisites for a lasting peace in the Middle East from the mathematical and political perspective. It is an innovative approach to tackle politics that can elucidate hidden aspects of politics that can otherwise be unseen.
In addition, such approach enables us to quantify some how politics in order to better take decisions.

clip-image00221.jpgMy feasibility study for peace in the Middle East which is one among many other projects and studies, among them the Peace Project of King Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia dating since the year 2000, in addition to the paralleled isolated peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority of Mahmoud Abbas on one side and Israel and Syria peace talks on the other.

Since my published papers started on summer 2007, there has been many world conferences for peace in the Middle East among them the Annapolis summit on November 2007 in the United States, the last conference between the religions sponsored by the King of Saudi Arabia that occurred in Switzerland on march 2008, without forgetting corner side talks and negotiations in Sharam Al Sheikh, Jerusalem, West bank, Turkey, Etc?

The main difference between my project study and the others is its academic and philosophical nature that brings forth some modifications to the current political systems of these countries of the Middle East mainly those surrounding the State of Israel in addition to Israel itself.
According to my theory, Syria in particular must amend it?s foundations of the Ba?ath party to fit better with those of Zionism in Israel. In the same time, Israel is urged to consider its political foundations as geometry and not mere words!
I have to remind my readers that Arab Nationalism in general and Baathism in particular (both being secular in character) as founded by Michel Aflak are wonderful as philosophies to fit with the Arab countries but should be restudied case by case in respect to the country were it is to be applied whether it is a Monarchy, Democracy or Socialism.
In particular, I am sharply against the Ba?ath when it interferes with the normal Parliamentary Elections in a country like Lebanon, Iraq, Kingdom of Morocco, Etc?
If such a result is reached, then I think that the resulting peace is more solid and fruitful than the others between Israel and Egypt or Israel and Jordan.

The Ba?ath writings of Michel Aflak as published on the internet web site by his son Iyad Aflak ( are outstanding as an Arab Cultural political heritage however they should be upgraded in a literal way and perspective without loss of insight to Ba?ath thinking and philosophy. These documents should be restudied and reproduced after deleting obsolete contents. They should be amended in parts so to be modernized and rendered applicable to now a day?s Middle Eastern situation.

In this respect, and given my partial ignorance to Political Sciences that I have not studied at University compared to other politicians or academic writers.
I remember when I was a teen age student at the International College (French Section) between 1961 and 1971 which were the Golden Years of Lebanon; my Father Hajj Abdel Salam Saghir ?God Bless His Soul? was my mentor and teacher in Mathematics and Politics.
Between 14and 18 years of age he used to talk to me about Najjadeh Party of Lebanon which was an Arab Nationalist Party founded in 1936 in Beirut. Most of my family were parts of it since it used to encompass ?Al Jar rah Scout? of Lebanon now a days The Moslem Scout.
My Father was a scout of ?Al Jar rah? and he went in a year long tour in Scandinavia in the late nineteen forties, before getting married in 1950 with my mother the late Hassana Kraytem, may God bless her soul too.
A cousin to my father the late Dr. Anis Al Saghir of the Sorbonne and President of Najjadeh in the late forties and beginning fifties was an Arab Nationalist i.e. ?Quaoume Arabi? as my father used to tell me. Most important, he never politicized the Najjadeh nor used it for his own interest.
The Najjadeh and hence Arab Nationalism stayed according to Dr. Anis Al Saghir and to my family and me more as an Arab Ethic to be aspired by the Lebanese masses.
This point of view is very important since common politics can burn its people, more specifically in a country like Lebanon always menaced by civil wars or foreign occupations.

Now to return to my publications concerning The Discourse on Politico-Mathematics for Peace in the Middle East, then I wish to mention that if such commentaries of mine as mentioned previously in this paragraph are cumbersome since issuing from the Private Sector as myself and hence competitive to the World Government Authorities and therefore causing a Menace, then I don?t mind if they are abandoned in favor of the return to the previous methods of:

Shake Hands, Hug Each other, Bargain For Peace in a Bazaar Style of Method, Drive the Dagger in Other One?s Back, Etc?

Two important events attracted my attention recently while listening to world news from various Canadian Broadcasting Media.
The first one was from Mrs. Condoleezza Rice who requested from various Arab leaders to speak while meeting with them in Sharam Al Sheikh for example.
Another still more important and recent exclamation came from President George W. Bush who asked people to give him a project for peace.

Well, this feasibility study for peace in the Middle East elucidates some factors to insure to have some common grounds for peace in the Middle East. Although it is still preliminary and general it can be elaborated and made to be complete if I have some additional helps from world experts in many sciences as politics, religion, philosophy, mathematics and physics.

I have to mention that the passed war lunched by Israel in 2006 against Hezbollah of Lebanon which is similar to the actual war of Israel against the Hamas of Gaza in occupied Palestine, both being characterized as wars lunched by secular Zionism against Moslem Sunni and Shiaa Fundamentalism.

Many times common peoples and even authorities question on time of end to these sad events. My answer is that this is going to last for a long time and even repeat itself!
I guess that this is the only way to maintain equilibrium between Secularism and Fundamentalism around the State of Israel.
Therefore, the secular relations described by:

Secularism = 1/Fundamentalism

Are maintained in the start by force and in the future by Politics and Negotiations. The result will be probably the inclusion of Prominent Arab Fundamentalist Parties in the various Secular Arab Parliaments. This would be a success to Iran with whom the Western governments should meet.
My personal perception is that any one on earth has the right to defend him self and therefore to develop the technology in that respect however, no body have the right neither to anneal another one nor to exterminate it.
Therefore, I am not against Iran to develop its personal military arsenal but am against Iran some officials to anneal some other people like Israelis.

Is this to mean that the Arab countries regimes leaders in addition to the rest of the world authorities to the exception of Iran are inclined towards secularism, is a question to be debated?

Unfortunately, up coming military events will in big part definitely bring the answer. However, the reaction of the up rising population masses that appear in worldwide manifestations is also a small fraction of the answer (Only 5% of world populations participate to manifestations and mostly being immature youth!). The biggest fraction being the silent population masses worldwide (95% of Arabs in the Middle East and Overseas!) that is either not motivated or otherwise persuaded that secularism is the best choice in Politics. Many people are indifferent whether poor or rich!

3. The Ideology of Arabism versus Islamism

This study also went into a series of progress reports in the same manner as the previous one on paragraph 2.
The reason is its importance in the Middle East in addition to more ideas that came to me with time since its first appearance during the Arab Countries Congress in Syria in 2008.
This study that I have circulated on close friends and relatives helped some of them better understand Arabism in this modern time, since this theory of Arab Nationalism is perceived to be in decline as compared to Moslem Fundamentalism considered to be on the rise. Many friends of mine have told me that Arab Nationalism is an old concept of the forties and had failed many times. These people didn?t give me the reasons behind the failures of Arab Nationalism as they see them, although some literature documentations mention mostly the 1967 war that was a catastrophe to the Arab countries.

Therefore, the reasons for the decline of Arab Nationalism are:

? The 1967 war as a catastrophe to Arab Nationalism regimes.
? The nature of the cold war and the reluctance of the Western world to help the Arabs as compared to Israel.
? The young character of the Arab armies and their lack of experience at that time.
? The immaturity of the Arab population masses that were relying on the world governments to bring them the solution to their problems instead of relying on themselves.
? The underdevelopment of the Arab countries and their poverty because the oil production and prices were low and hence not in favor to the Arabs as compared to post 1973, when the oil barrel boosted high and became a weapon in favor of the Arabs.

? Presently, the main reason behind the relative decline in Arab nationalism compared to Moslem Fundamentalism is the increased maturity of the Palestinian Organization, and most important of all, the Iranian Revolution that changed the Middle East equation for good.

My various writings on Arabism can be considered as a description of one of the four poles of Arab Nationalism as elucidated in the geometric presentation of the model (Refer to papers on Politico-Mathematics).
The main advantage of this description is that these four poles represent the summits of four vectors originating from the origin of space and are linearly independent so as to constitute the base of the subspace of Arab Nationalism. In this subspace, the pole of economic development encompasses every item pertaining to money and dollar value in the process of financement of development. Arabism doesn?t contain any thing pertaining to finance nor do the poles of religion or culture.
When such a vision of the geometry is understood then a transparent and neat results come from this picture of Arab Nationalism.

As to Religion and in particular to Islamism, then the reason that I have added this pole to my model of Arab Nationalism, is that it is only in those Arabic countries surrounding Israel that there is an abundance of religions and sects compared to Arab countries of the Maghreb, which are mostly homogeneously Moslems. For example those countries like Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt and Palestinian West Bank are constituted from all Religions and therefore are liable to all types of Fundamentalism.
Therefore, the hyperbolic relations between Arab Nationalism and Religions are preponderant there.

The most important factual resulting point from this study is that my geometric model of Arab Nationalism with its content fits closely with the Zionist one to furnish both of them common grounds for lasting Peace in the Middle East.

All in all, my personal opinion on a necessary condition for lasting peace between Israel and these countries surrounding it like Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon is only possible following radical amendments of the bylaws of prominent political parties in all these countries so as to have common political and social grounds for peace.

These countries surrounding Israel and Israel itself are diverse in political parties in addition to possessing many religions. The bylaws of imminent political parties of these countries are becoming old, obsolete and need up grading in the political and literal sense so as to fit with this millennium.

4. Discourse on the Quantification of the Philosophy, Part I

This paper was first published on the Morepists Press in 2007. It is an original and quantitative approach to Arabic Cultural heritage in particular. In this paper, I have defended the Arabic countries during the most crucial period of their history, following the 11th. Of September 2001 attack by terrorists from fundamentalist organizations on the USA.
The only mean to defend these Arabic Nations against Developed Democracies of the West, is to prove that the Arabic countries posses a huge Cultural Heritage that enable them to be apt to be developed and be fruitful to the World and hence, capable to live in peace with others of the West and in particular, Israel.

Following this thesis, the Western countries led by France of President Sarkosy went into meetings with Arab countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea in order to restructure their Politics and Trades in order to open a new page of Diplomacy.

Last, this question of quantification of Philosophy is the assessment of one pole of my geometric model of Arab Nationalism. The quantification will permit to assess in dollar value our cultural heritage compared to the European one and hence to estimate the spending on cultural development to reach the developed Western level.

5. The Meten Elections in Lebanon

This article was also published on the Morepists Press in summer of 2007. In it I have requested some upgrading of the Phalanges Party of Lebanon presided by His Excellency Sheikh Amen Gemayel, previous President of Republic of Lebanon.
I have received a feed back from Mr. Gemayel as he appeared on TV Lebanese News broadcasted by the Future Channel.
Mr. Gemayel was a bit furious, and I have appreciated that he has not neglected my comments and critics to his party as he answered me on Television.
I wish to thank him to have mentioned my article in public and therefore, to have risen me to his prominent status of The President of the Republic of Lebanon. Otherwise, with some one else, he would have neglected his article by not answering him!
I like to add that the publisher of the Morepists Press and my friend, Sheikh Majid Abi Saab wanted to publish this article in its integrity to correct political parties of this region of the world! So I accepted his wish.

Copy Right Hassan El-Saghir
Montreal 2008

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