Political ethics in Lebanon

THE MOREPISTS PRESS Interviewing MOREP President Dr Majid Abi Saab.

Misconducts, scandals and corruptions in political worlds are they important considerations to regulate the political system? We address this question to the Lebanese society in Lebanon and to compatriots overseas.

In the absence of political policy, the politicians misconducts are like the gangs ones, without ethics’ education and poor background. It is Mainly the faces of war who got the field power. We urged the Lebanese society to be aware of the expression of ideological believes in a poly-religious society without considering the consequence of any non-ethical action. Our concerns was to change the political faces through the election replacing them by an ethical, technocratic and good background ones. Developing a local ethic code without being approved will never end-up for changes and Lebanon will go further to conflictual situations. The only issue is to start by a moderate and technocratic government and also to be supported by the media.

Media in Lebanon are not moderate and each media is for a non-ethical group. The liberal ones are supporting the so-called “paid politics”, a payment for support equation.

All these misconducts lead to corruptions, a divided government and further conflicts.
Dealing with the past forgiveness and the reconstruction of a new memory should take place in a new form of politics in this divided society.

We urge again the Lebanese compatriots, world citizenship, to put an end of this non-ethical way of the Lebanese political system. This is an issue of individual responsibilities:
1- supporting our concerns
2- pushing the media to be more ethical by including the moderate technocratic and high background political faces
3- pushing the head of government to include our conception through representatives in the government
4- opening a discussion-debate forum about political ethics and code of conducts.

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