MOREPISTS candidacy

Dr Abi Saab and Engineer Zakaria after launching campaign

Increasing the power of MOREPISTS in Lebanon. MOREP is involved in a plan of political development and environment protection, and has the spirit of peace and reconciliation in the country. Abi Saab declared officially his candidacy today in the Interior Ministry of Lebanon.

In the other side, Dr Joseph Wehbe who worked hard in his life for humanity specially in Akkar region since more than 20 years, his political vision is engaged in environment, humanity and reform plans through the MOREP team. Together with Dr Sleiman Al-Jary, MOREPIST activist in reform planning for the country, having a high standard development plan for Baalbeck, both politicians will not be candidate this year for their Districts.

MOREP always offer the best of politics, development, reform and environment programs which will grow in Lebanon through MOREPISTS candidates.

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