MOREP Visions of Negociation

Our dialogue is based on how we see Lebanon. Lebanese are influenced by the background and personal relations. Supporting this or that! Each has his own cause, we cannot change the spirit!
Since Lebanon is full of conflicts, It is mandatory to be far from conflicts between us and appear as scientific as it should even if we are different in point of view.
Not forget that Lebanon lives in danger within multiple political, military or intelligency services, this is not easy!
and also this means that cooking political issues is different than expected.
Politic after all is a system, being well analyzed by Mr. Hassan El-Saghir in The MOREPISTS PRESS
MOREP called for establishment of CSR, the corporate social reponsibility that we put its core criteria (Jan 16, 2007 and July 5, 2007) which is the basic of reform and the inter-Lebanese peace process (ref. 25 april 07 and 26 June 07), I invite you to participate for a symposium about CSR one “peaceful” day.

MOREP President

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