MOREP NEWS: Abi-Saab in Lebanon

MOREP president’s agenda during Dr Abi Saab stay in Lebanon last week, was to increase the coalition backing MOREP principles. Guests host?of 30 environmentalists followed by meeting and discussion about the previously announced issues. Other Guests?met at Mazraat’ Bani Saab, from Becharr? Ing. Walid?Tawk, from Ehden?caza Ing. Badoui Bakhos, from Becharreh caza Pharmacyst Toni Youssef discussing the MOREP coalition. Plan for environment actions was discussed with Pr. Wilson Rizk and?Dr. Joseph Fares; for the Morepists Press with Ing. Joe Rahm? and Raymond Sahyoun. Other guests were received from A.U.B. Mr. Sarmad Nabti, Ahmad and Afif representing the Lebanese Student Coalition movement met at Riviera Club as well as Cheikh Sayed Stephan with 5 other supporters from Kfar Sghab. On this occusion Dr Abi Saab congratulates the Lebanese Army for the Army National?Day. MOREP Spokesman.

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