MOREP NEWS 25/11/2006 : Nations Poverty

?Nations Poverty in vulnerable countries are widening in importance MOREP reports today that vulnerable countries are those implicated in war, communism system, religious system or dictatorial system, arms excessive budgets, most of them located around the equator and Asia, under economic boycott. They are mired in deep poverty as living standards deteriorate. MOREP’s Humanitarian Chapter asks the international industrial countries to make a clear system of helping these population before getting worse. Dr ABi Saab comments that one of the pathway is the use of cloned agriculture gene for just this reason even though it is against the nature. Wild wheat cloned gene could boost the nutritional value of bread helping to fight the world hunger. This cloned gene as declared by the U.S. Department of Agriculture is not modified and using just the wild wheat. MOREP’s Humanitarian Chapter asks to put a clear system to help these vulnerable countries and not to use this development for commercial target.??

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