MOREP NEWS 16/01/2007: “CSR”, The Corporate Social Reponsibility

MOREP’s President Dr ABi Saab declaration today consistently pushes for a code of corporate social responsibility “CSR” in private sector companies, as part of PARIS 3 conference, ranging from responsible globalization to promoting human rights and fighting corruption, launching such initiative to embed this practice in Lebanon. The project will assist the integration of social and environmental concerns in business operations and in corporate interaction with government, trade unions, business associations and communities on a voluntary basis. The main objective is to? implement CSR practices, which is a vehicle for harmonization, social cohesion and improving competitiveness. This will address both local and foreign enterprises in the EU, Australia, US and? Arabic countries in cooperation with national and regional partners. Business networks with developed countries? will contribute through exchange of experience and good practices. From MOREP Head Office’s spokesman.?MOREP?

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