MOREP NEWS 16 November 2006 Day of Tolerance

[ In a message marking the International Day for Tolerance, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today stressed the key roles that education and a responsible media can play in preventing the spread of hatred. ?Recent years have witnessed a sharp rise in intolerance, extremism and violence across the world,? he declared. ?This disturbing trend is fuelled, in part, by a growing tendency to articulate differences in terms of identity rather than in terms of opinions or interests.] ON this International Day of Tolerance Dr Majid ABi Saab heading the Morepists meeting stated that brutality and violence because simply of differences in identity should stop in this world between communities. We must each participate to uphold the principles of tolerance. In that matter Dr ABi Saab said that Pluralism and mutual respect should be on a top of our communications and in everyday education with media and educational establishments supports.

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