MOREP For A Policy To Reduce Tobacco Abuse


MOREP Medical Chapter put a policy to reduce tobacco smoking in Lebanon, that should be extended to other sides including Gulf countries.
5% of consumption reduction will reduce the risk of cancer of 40,000 for a population of 3 millions. Knowing that nicotine is a substance of addiction, a warning should be made by NGO and governments regarding this issue. A number of suggestions was elucidated concerning a policy to reduce the consumption of tobacco (M245 to M230/Tobacco) and to prevent smokers to become addicted? :

1- Stop smokes in public areas including restaurant and pubs, this will reduce more than 20% of the total consumption

2- Stop publicity, it will reduce the consumption of 3 to 7%

3- Stop buying tobacco to less than 18 year-old clients, will reduce the risk of smoking habits of 20% knowing that most of them start between 16 and 20 year-old.

4- Stop illegal transport of Tobacco

5- Increase 1000% of taxes on Tobacco.

MOREP Spokesman, Medical Chapter.

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