MOREP launching campaign on “healthy bone in growing children”

MOREPLOGOSchool entry this season is one of MOREP concerns to reach a better environment of growing children. This year MOREP elaborated a new policy of safer backpacks and launched a Campaign of Healthy Bone In Growing Children.

In an interview with THE MOREPISTS PRESS, Dr Abi Saab, MOREP President said that this issue is very important to get the healthiest bone in growing children. “It should be launched in every school worldwide specially in the area of the middle east and in Lebanon.”

MOREP launched this campaign to promote the policy of safer backpack and to give both parents and school teachers supporting way of how to give the recommended calcium intake in children. Schools have their importance in promoting some ergonomic issues and supporting a healthiest food program in their canteens and in their shops.

The policy of an ergonomic backpack includes (Reform Number M71 to M75 Medical Chapter)
1- The recommended weight that the child could carry should not exceed 10% of his body weight
2- The heaviest items should be closest to the body inside the backpack
3- The base?of the backpack should be above the lines of the hips.
4- Rollers incorporated in the base of the backpack are recommended
5- When it is hold, both straps should be put on both shoulders at a time.

Ergonomic food, an optimum intake of calcium should be incorporated in lunch taken in schools, and Yougurt should be sold in their shops with promotions.

MOREP President was also interviewed by Sawsan Hussami on Radio Orient last friday for 33 minutes.
Here is the complete radio emission of the interview in Arabic language.

THE MOREPISTS Broadcasting Network

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