MOREP Discussing Harnessing Technology To Save The Environment

MOREP backing next week more than 180 young coming from 82 countries to meet in Germany in a UN sponsored conference. MOREP will discuss a way in which technology can be used to promote environmental protection.

MOREP hopes that people will become beacons of activities and motivators many other environmentalists and reformists.

?Technology in service of the environment? is the theme of the third Tunza International Youth Conference, organized by UNEP in Leverkusen, Germany, from 26 to 30 August. The participants, aged 15 to 24, are all involved in environmental activities in their respective countries.

The Tunza Conference, which derives its name from a Kiswahili word meaning ?to treat with care and affection? or ?to nurture,? will reinforce the links between a growing network of young people working with UNEP on various environmental issues.

MOREP Spokesman. Environment Chapter.

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