MOREP: another action plan

Dr Abi Saab during the meeting for his electoral campaignThe other side of politics, the perfect, the professional, the clearer and the peaceful, this is what MOREPISTS hope to reach within the political system in Lebanon. Adding that MOREP and supporters will act effectively to make the best development in the country once MOREP president and its head Dr Ch Majid Abi Saab will reach the parliament. People needs not to be swallowed by extremists anymore.

Lebanon is for all, but are all for Lebanon? Dr Abi Saab told the Morepists in a brief meeting. Many have external relations that put Lebanon under their will, balancing the political situation of extreme sides. MOREP is now represented as candidate in the election and hopefully Lebanon will be free from external pressures. This is the real freedom and democracy, the reform plans that MOREP worked on reaching above three thousand articles of reform in the Lebanese law to get it for the seek of the development and Human Beeings and Rights.

It is enough to go back to disputes, enough extremists in our country, enough any guidance from any middle east side, enough each side of politicians govern the spirit of the country,? enough that people’s life being “swallowed” by few of them and of course,? enough immigrations. Hence… Vote for the newest political style to keep our grandchildren in Lebanon.

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