MOREP 19th of September Statement to Promote Peace

MOREP Spokesman

The United Nations repeatedly adopted resolutions, notably 425/1978, 520/1982, 1559/2004, 1655/2006, 1664/2006, 1680/2006, 1701/2006, and 1757/2007 that all express the support of the international community for the sovereignty, territorial integrity, unity, and political independence of Lebanon under the sole and exclusive authority of the Government of Lebanon , and demand the disarmament of all armed groups in Lebanon ; Whereas United Nations Security Council Resolutions, notably 1595/2005, 1636/2005, 1644/2005, 1664/2006, 1748/2007 and 1757/2007, that underscore the importance of the pursuit of justice in response to the terrorist bombing of February 14, 2005, and related political assassinations and assassination attempts since October 2004; MOREP believes that United Nations put Lebanon in the midst of international concerns since many years hoping peace to our communities.

MOREP 19th of September statement urges the Government of Lebanon to request UNIFIL’s assistance to secure the Lebanese borders against infringement of the previous resolutions and calls on the Lebanese communities to further support the mission and efforts of the Lebanese president to improve the monitoring of the Lebanese sovereignty and to implement a defense mechanism against territorial invasion hoping to reach an inter-Lebanese peace process in order to promote unity of different communities. MOREP hopes from the Lebanese president and the communities to support our previous proposal to establish the Corporate Social Responsibility for a favorable economy and environment.

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