Medical Recommendations For Building Permits

By Dr Mustafa Kaddoura?


MY CONCERN?is?about the?so-called SUPER LUXURIOUS flats &?apartments?built?by?brillant Lebanese architects in BEIRUT DOWNTOWN.

Dr KaddouraWe?do not?want to?hurt the feeling of these high caliber architects & civil engineers consciensciously working on these POSH BUILDINGS located in?SOLIDERE area.?Although we want?peace between our brilliant civil engineers/architects and the medical health professionals,?the issue of access to one’s HOUSE is paramount!
Some penthouses are sold US$ 3.000.000 only. Business is business and obey to the?law of Offer & Supply! These “HAUT de GAME” BUILDINGS are mainly purchased by our good neighbours from the Gulf. My concern, as a doctor is that?a PERMIT to BUILD should be?granted for these?projects after MEDICAL clearance or assessment for?their ACCESSIBILITY to main/disable persons…?

for instance, you are?wheel chair bound or a handicapped person! It’s true with the enormous amount of money invested to build these appartements de LUXE; it?is a?peanut compared?to “bakhshish”?given to?Town Hall.International recommendations for overcoming ARCHITECTURAL BARRIERS demand that specialised PHYSICIANS (knowledgeable in assessing the need of the Handicapped be involved) by the way W.H.O (WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION) in GENEVA has just included? among the Handicap list : the ELDERLY. So International LAWS demands that these PHYSICIANS be present when building is under construction and when the building is finished this CERTIFICATE of ACCESSIBILITY Also Known as CTH “Controle Technique Handicap”. CTH positive is the SESAME. It will allow new owners settle peacefully in their new flats. A? PLATE should be posted at the entry of each new building mentioning “Controle Technique Handicap” PASSED!

My Concern is that Lebanon is lagging far behind many countries in issues matterpertaining to HANDICAP!

THKS for your interest!

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