Live Lebanon exhibition supported by UNDP

UNDP Lebanon opened a new website for Lebanese diaspora to help their development program implemented in 4 regions. The website includes donations for specific project.

The exhibition held in Beirut in the old building “City Center” partially destroyed by the Lebanese war reminding the visitors of the previous “Golden Days” of the pre-war period.
The Lebanese spread the word during the war and made their businesses wherever they stay. This exhibition included special pictures of life style in Lebanon reminding the Lebanese diaspora the lovely way of living in this country and pushing them to help the programs of development supported by UNDP.

The MOREPISTS press reporters were present and a video report was made on that occasion which is published in the MOREPISTS Broadcasting Network, the Webcast of MOREP.

Mr. Kais El-Kaisy one of the pioneer of developing the exhibition explained the aim of this activity specially directed to the Lebanese diaspora. Ms. May from UNDP was present and talked about the way of donating to UNDP for special area of projects. Mr. Bassel a Lebanese who lives in UAE for almost 10 years, came to attend and explained the importance of the exhibition; another Lebanese coming from Australia, Rebecca, was also present and realized that people really wants to support it.

Hoping the best of peace all over Lebanon, UNDP is working for Lebanon in such a way to let the Lebanese diaspora participate to develop the countryside.


THE MOREPISTS Broadcasting Network

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