MOREP Chart Declared by Dr Majid ABi Saab.

For a new constitution *For a Free Lebanon *For a real democracy *For a secular state of a special character to prevent the multi-politico-religious of Lebanon. *For the reduction of voting age to 18 years *For the right to vote of the Lebanese outside The Lebanon*For institutions under the Law not the contrary*For the annulations of military service*For the liberty of expression (journalists and medias) *For the Reopening of MTV*For the liberation of all political persons captured in Lebanon and outside.

The Reform and Justice: * Yes for a new SYSTEM of recruitment of functionaries following international norms * No for nomination of functionaries, which is the fruit of political corruption * For an Audit in the state in front of functionaries and the judges to reduce corruption *Yes for the detachment between politic, administration, and the court.

Modernization and DECENTRALISATION: * For the modernization and computerized administration * Increase the power to KAEMKAM to elaborate passports in less than 5 minutes like it is the case in Europe* and to give long stay card and working cards to strangers.

The Environment Program:*To Stop the quarries, to buy these establishments by the state to rehabilitate the damaged mountains and fields * The solution is the importation of products from Arab countries by a public society and its partial privatization including those who work in this field* To include filters on cheminee of pollutants *For the rehabilitation of sewage system and interdiction of using asbestos in drainage system for potable water * For the adequate filtration of the sewage * To detect and pick-up outside Lebanon the toxic chemicals introduced during the war * To close and manage to shift polluted factories planted near the sources of water, rivers and beaches * For reconstitute the border along the beach to facilitate the water current to save the fauna, fight against the pollutikn of the beach * For the sorting out of plastic waste, glass et papers for recycling; and which could be burned to transform its energy into electricity * To treat organic waste * To encourage the use of solar energy and biological agriculture.

Economy: *To make new national and productive projects by the way of partial privatization: 50% to the state and 50% as a stock with private actionaries (not more than one action per actionary) , and complete privatization of its administration to stop corruptions. Making electrical plant and powerhouse by turbine in water cascades in rivers and partial privatization of EDL with complete privatization of its administration*To stop the salary of DEPUTIES in the end of their missions*To stop VAT on food products and VAT on the fare of products from the first till before the last step which will reduce up to 30 % the product price.*As well to reduce the taxes on bills of essence and electricity*For adequate production of agriculture*To increase tourism through contracts with other countries and making facilitation and developping media * For the modernization of billing and taxes system, for the annulment of revenue notebook which are obligatory to be signed by a notary*
Health reform: *For the care of the poor within a modern medical care * for the modernization and computerized systematization of social security and for the privatization of its administration * for the listing of chemical products that should be forbidden to be used inside preserves *For the negotiation with medical syndicates to elaborate an adequate health system and to protect those who work in that area.

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