Global cooling instead!

How a household may save the planet by decreasing the global warming? Approximately 37% of greenhouse gas emission is under the direct control of consumer like heating systems specially using gazoil, cars, the non CO system control, non green cars and non bio-heating system that impact the air pollution of cities. Another 28% would be under our indirect control and 35% is beyond consumer control. This 3rd part is due to manufacturing emission of gas.
“If everyone does a little, we’ll achieve only a little,” is how the Cambridge University physicist David MacKay puts it in his book “Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air.”
In Lebanon big cities like Beirut, air pollution comes first from consumers and there is not a system warning to reduce car uses during a pollution “crisis”. Other concerns are that individuals do not care about this matter in the middle east region due to the lack of environmental education.
In the past decade some environmental activists that I forgot the name after these stressful years, proposed a project to reduce air pollution, at that time global warming was not a real concerns, the project consisted to plant a garden over the roof of each building. MOREP supported the billion trees project in 2007 of the UNEP. Now it is time to think seriously about. Even small changes may have real impact.

Dr Majid Abi Saab,
MOREP President

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