Earthquake management, for how long!

Researcher from National Center for Geophysical Research in Beirut Mr. Ata Elias and his colleagues did an underwater geophysical survey to find out the reason of A.D. 551 Beirut Tsunami and its frequency.

Running parallel to the Middle Eastern coast, they discovered a distinctive stepped ridge?the shape made by a “thrust” fault when one of Earth’s tectonic plates shoves its way beneath another inferring that this thrust fault is the source of major earthquakes.By dating the mollusk shells, at least four earthquakes similar to the A.D. 551 quake have occurred over the past 7,000 years,?The recurrence of this destructive quake?may happen every 1,500 to 1,750 years.

These findings are published in the August issue of the journal Geology and appeared in the National Geographic News.

MOREP Congratulates the team, working on this research and backs Mr Elias to create an Alert system through out the country.

MOREP asks the?General Direction of Urbanism (DGU) to raise this issue before any building permits.

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