Civil movement press conference in Lebanon: United to save the mediterranean sea from “Corrupted” landfill waste on sea banks.

All United attorneys Hani Ahmadieh, Hassan Bazzi and Rami Ollaik, with MOREP president Dr Majid Abi Saab on a press conference.
Activists report, Beirut October 3, 2018.

Worse Waste sorting in Lebanon video intro link

The civil movement held a press conference, this afternoon, against the backdrop of developments in the waste file. The conference included a detailed presentation of the stages of the case based on the documents and documents that appeared for the first time in front of public opinion, in the presence of MP Paula Yacoubian to support the movement.

The conference began with a video filmed inside the center of the sorting.
Followed by a comment by environmental activist Majid Abi Saab, in which he dealt with the laws and international conventions on the sea, including:
– United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, London Treaties, Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization
And the Barcelona Declaration for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea. The latter was signed by the Lebanese government, and its infringement cannot be tolerated by the EU from which action can be taken against Lebanon and creating a problematic of further disaster on the back of the Lebanese population already on economical decline.

Abi Saab also pointed to the technical report of the Ministry of Environment, which confirms that the establishment or expansion of the landfill is subject to the provisions of environmental impact assessment, environmental protection law 444-2002, and civil society participation.

It was announced that the environmental impact assessment had not been completed and no report had been forwarded to the Ministry of Environment to take the appropriate decision, despite repeated requests with books addressed to the CDR.

He also pointed to the report of the Ministry of Health which asserts that both waste landfill and incineration have similar severe medical and environmental hazardous impacts.

Attorney Hassan Bazzi from the group “People Want to Reform the System” appealed to the judiciary to do its role in a fair and independent manner without political interference. The transfer of waste to the landfill of the “Costa Brava” four months after the date of notification of the decision to the company committed to the work of the establishment of the landfill, the company “Jihad Trading and Contracting”, and the Union of Municipalities of Southern suburb, and the Council for Development and Reconstruction, which was introduced in the case. Today marks the first anniversary of the conversion of the file to the Court of Cassation after the appeal filed by attorney Hassan Bazzi in partnership with his colleague Hani Al-Ahmadiyah in respect of the decision issued earlier to stop the implementation of the decision of appeal.

In turn, lawyer Rami Ollaik, president of Lebanon Ahead group, called on the civil movement to join hands to build the Lebanese homeland.
He said: “From today we will not accept that things are managed as it was, for the first time the national movement is an united front in order to stand up against the disgraceful and flawed decisions.”

He continued: “Today we submitted a memorandum to the Public Prosecutor’s Finance following the criminal investigation carried out by the Attorney General Ghada Aoun on the seizure of public funds without right, which was evident during the hearing.”

He said that he had sent along with other lawyers a letter to the European Union to claim massive attacks and pollution of the Lebanese coast and sea, which affects Greece and neighboring countries.

Attorney Hani al-Ahmadiyya spoke of the solidarity of legal activists to fight corruption and bring legal proceedings in order to fight corruption and defend freedom of opinion and expression.

He pointed out that the Council of Ministers gave a period of 9 months to prepare a plant for reprocessing and this is not witnessed by any landfill.

“Corruption and financial embezzlement is evident through the screening methods we have witnessed, and every company blames the other.”

Ollaik concluded by referring to the expert interrogation session to be held on Thursday in front of the Attorney general of environmental court."" data-width="500" data-show-text="false">

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Full conference of United for Lebanon live link


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