Discussions on Messianic, Mahdeic and Cartesian Ideologies in the Quantification of the Peace Process in Middle Eastern Politics.

Les trois religions du moyen-orient sont le centre d’un conflit historique politico-culturel auquel la recherche politico-philosophique de Hassan El-Saghir fait l’objet d’une analyse concernant un moyen de paix dans cette region du monde.

By Hassan El-Saghir* *P.E; M.Eng. (Env.)

Islam (Arabian Star) Christianity? ?Judaism (Star of David)

In my previous paper on System Politics in the Middle East, I exposed a rational scientific mathematical model for a Peace Process between Zionism and Arabic Nationalism. The latter being a general expression to mean different political forms depending on the Arabic country of its application. This form can be the actual Syrian Baath and the remnants of the Iraqi Baath, given the fact that the Kingdom of Jordan and the Republic of Egypt had signed a Peace agreement with the State of Israel.

I exposed the geometry of Zionism as a triangle whose apexes bear each an attribute being either Judaism or Entrepreneurship or Jewish Culture. The different cyclic permutations and their effects on the stability of the triangle will be estimated afterward in separate papers.
Such a triangle by a 180 degrees rotation, led to the Star of King David.

In a similar manner, I exposed Arab Nationalism to simplify as a square with four apexes each bearing an attribute, either Arabic economic development or Religion or Arabic cultural and heritage or Arabism i.e. Assabiah Arabia. In this context also, the effects of the different cyclic permutations on the stability of the square will be estimated later.
Such a square by a 45 degrees rotation, led to the Star of Arabia.
A picture of such a combined system appears on the cover to that article, being not limited to that representation which is just for the purpose of illustration. Some other schematics will be furnished later.

Messianic and Cartesian Approach to Zionism

Zionism is a term that came to appear for the first time in history in the Psalms of King David. Before that, it did not exist as a word from my research work onto the Tanakh or the Hebrew Bible which is identical to the Old Testament of the Christian Vulgate of Father Jerome.

Where are the roots of this word Zion?
We all know that there exists a Mount Zion or Djebel Sahioun in Israel being the City of David near Jerusalem.
Was there another similarity in the Bible?
We know that Moses the ancestor to King David, spent extensive time on Mount Sinai or Djebel Moussa in receiving the Torah from God.
Hence, who is Zion?
Well, Zion could be King David himself who used to ascend Mount Zion in order to receive instructions from God in rulings over Israel or explications from God on Torah teachings.
It could be also that there was a Priest by the name of Zion whom King David used to consult on rulings with the Torah of Moses.
The Torah at that time was the only ruling teaching available to the people of Israel since only the book of Deuteronomy was discovered in the Temple sanctuary.
Hammourabi laws at the time of Abraham were just used by the pageants of Mesopotamia.
Now, is there any information about Zionism in the book of Genesis?
According to my personal researches and analysis the answer is, yes.
If we return back to the story of the Blessing of Jacob by Isaac, we know that Isaac and his wife Rebecca begot two sons, Esau the elder and Jacob the younger.
Esau was to be the blessed being the eldest however; he was immersed in material life contrary to Jacob who was more of a spiritual nature. At that time, the Torah was not delivered to the Jews who followed some Hebrew rituals inherited from their Patriarch Abraham.
Rebecca used to see Esau exiting from a bar or amusement center with two Hittite women whenever she passed by that place, while seeing Jacob exiting a prayer house when she used to pass by. The Temple or Synagogue concepts were not available at that time.
When blessing time came, Rebecca replaced Jacob with Esau who was sent hunting.
Isaac who was blind blessed Jacob with his two hands on Jacob’s shoulders. In addition, he blessed him with the Verb from the mouth of Isaac to the mouth of Jacob.
Isaac requested Esau to serve his brother Jacob in life and support him which made Esau angry, thus causing perpetual wars and clashes between the two.
From this story, I deduced the following analysis.

Religion or spirituality was generated in Jacob while materialism or the pleasures of life were generated with Esau.
Therefore, if we go back to Herzel exposure of Zionism, we conclude that Jewish religion in Herzel Zionism is identical to Jacob spirituality in the Book of Genesis while Entrepreneurship in the Herzel model of Zionism was identical with Esau materialism in the Book of Genesis.
The third argument of Jewish culture in Herzel Zionism was not present in the Book of Genesis. However, it is the role of Rebecca in per mutating the destiny of the two sons to enable that theory to exist. Otherwise, Esau would have been blessed by Isaac resulting in a religion of materialism disseminated by Esau resulting with twelve coming tribes to issue from materialism than Judaism. The spiritual religious role of Jacob would have been minor to come into extinction with time. The Hebrew religion would have seized to continue further with the twelve sons or tribes of Israel not coming to exist.
Since Islam and Christianity teachings dwell from Judaism, the stopping of this latter at Esau wouldn’t lead to the Exodus and Moses Teachings and hence to the absence of Islam and Christianity. Both having the same Mosaic background. This world would have continued to be pageant like, rough with no Ethics.

In Judaism these two arguments Religion (Jacob) and Materialism (Esau) generate a line segment.
The rotation of 180 degrees results in a half circle then, another 180 degrees completes the circle. This circle is the boundary to the Arabian Star eight apexes or to the Star of David six apexes in the codex of Leningrad picture as an example. I couldn’t find another separate illustration of the Arabian Star on internet but only the Star of David.
Actually, as we add apexes and hence more segments with diminishing lengths, we reach the limit of a circle as the extreme limit.
This circle or a sphere in three dimensional spaces is the Universe Boundary since, according to Einstein Theory of Relativity, the Four Dimensional Minkowski Space to whom belongs Einstein Space which is a part of the Point Carr’s Group, presents a curvature at the periphery of the Euclidian Space, whom has always been known to be constituted from parallel planes!

Now since the above segment pictorial picture wouldn’t have meaning without the interference of the Matriarch Rebecca, then if we include her in the above scenario, we conclude that Rebecca is equivalent to Jewish culture in the Herzel model of Zionism.
Rebecca then is the inspiring Matriarch to Jewish and Zionist philosophers, Writers, Historians, Theologists, Mathematicians, Movie makers, Etc.
This picture results in the geometric stable triangle inside the circle as a boundary. By the rotation of the triangle, we reach the Star of David figure having as extreme limit the circle or the sphere which we termed the Universe.

If we return to the object of this discussion as the Isaac Blessing of Jacob by the pronunciation of the Verb, then we remark that another similar situation existed in the Book of Genesis when the Lord created the Universe in seven days by pronunciation of the Verb ”Be and it was”. It was the Universe with all animals and vegetal species and the earth and the oceans and most importantly Adam, whom he created on his image.
Hence Zionism and the Universe were created in the same manner and with the verb.
Consequently, the Universe is identical to Zionism as the beginning and end to every thing.
Hence, Isaac appears as ”Zionism” i.e. Zion or the precursor to it in the Holy Heaven. He generated Jacob latter to be called Israel by God who blessed him with twelve sons or Tribes from whom came Levi the Ancestor of Moses, Joseph the First Prince of Egypt and Judah the ancestor of David.
Religious Zionism was previously invented by Theodore Herzel who wanted Martin Buber to take the charge of this religious Zionist group in the Zionist organization. Buber was a German Jew well educated however, didn’t believe in the association of Judaism to Materialism and quit after three months to go into Mystic Hassidic Judaism.
A similar situation is available in Islam as a faith and world life i.e. in Arabic ”Din wa Dunia”. Such an explanation made Islam appear as an earthen practical religion compared to Christianity which is more of metaphysical nature.
In Christianity, Jesus Christ or the Messiah comes from the house of David. In Judaism, it is an aspiration to the becoming of the Messiah.
If we go back to the picture on the front of the Masoretic Bible cover, the two median horizontal and vertical axes of symmetry having their intersection the two stars centroid, become the two axis of symmetry of the whole scheme whose representation is the Holy Trinity or the Cross of the Christ. Any extreme distortion of the two stars from those axes of symmetry, leads to possible political problems on the Middle Eastern scene.

Cartesian Approach to Arab Nationalism

As I exposed it before in my first paper on Systemic Approach to the Peace Process in the Middle East, Arab Nationalism in the Middle East was proposed with four foundations.
Such a four foundations political system was proposed before by Michel Aflaq one of the three founder thinkers of the Baathism. The other two being Zaki Arzouzi and Salah Bitar also as Aflaq from Syria. Aflaq however, was the brightest and keener theoretician having established him self latter in Irak to become the mind of the late President Saddam Hussein.

Michel Aflaq proposed a Baath system with no geometric representation to rest on Politics, Economics, Culture and last Social Problems. It was during his studies at the Sorbonne of France. This scheme latter became Unity, Liberty and Socialism when he returned to Syria to practice politics. This last scheme became the symbol of Baathism in Syria and Irak. None of those two schemes have geometric representations. Actually, Theodore Herzel also didn’t propose a geometric representation of his Zionist Scheme, such one being proposed by myself in my paper on system approach to peace process in the middle east, and finds it’s self logical through the rotation operation, to lead to geometric figures of stars having historical, cultural, religious and artistic existence and meaning each to its people.
Such a scheme of mine appears to be transparent and rigid compared to the others wether Jewish or Arabic. However, I don’t know if it can lead to problems when put in practice!
If we compare my four poles scheme to the one of Aflaq, only the arguments Economics and Culture are common, the other two of Aflaq i.e. Politics and Social Problems being alien to mine in Arabic Nationalism as well to Herzel in Zionism.
His theory neglects the role of religion in Arabic nationalism having only realized the importance of Islam at the ends of his days. Hence he could not quantify it in comparison to his other two poles common with me i.e. Culture and Economy. His inclusion of the Argument of Politics as the fourth foundation to the Baath demonstrates his short sight compared to me who included Arabism as a foundation to Arab Nationalism and hence the Baath. This Arabism pole makes my geometric model a strict representation of the Arabic Nationalism. Latter on, the three poles foundation of the Baath in Syria become obsolete in my model that preserves it to the Zionist model. In no way can it be used in the process of the three poles star rotation which is reserved to Zionism in the Peace Process. However, his four poles foundations to Arab Nationalism in France, would lead to the Arabian Star by rotation hence, his four poles model is adequate with the omission of religion which is necessary to be included to observe the hyperbolic balance of strength between the Baath and Moslem Brotherhood mainly. Such an omission resulted in catastrophes in Syria and Iraq whereby Saddam Hussein lost his life.
Hence, the two old models of Aflaq’s Unity, Liberty, Socialism and Politics, Economics, Social problems, Culture would have seven arguments with only Economics and Culture similar to mine.
In addition, Aflaq’s theory rejects Zionism and even Western teachings to be imposed on Arabic one’s in the development process. Any how, his Five Volumes Thinking about Arab Nationalism and Baathism are and will stay as Eternal Springs to the Popular Masses of the Middle East. There main problem being stagnation in time and inelasticity to problems and challenges to the Arab World whether from its inside or outside.

Arab Nationalism started with Sheriff Hussein of Mecca, and Sati Housari as a Yemeni thinker then latter as a teacher in Syria. Its roots were from German Romantism to be transformed into Arabic Romance or the love of the Arab countries as we see it reflected latter in Aflaq writings when he narrated a Gazal type of poetry to show his love to the Arabic land. In this context, he became interchangeable with Husari in term of Arabic Romanism. Hence, German romance and then Arabic Romance are two entities invariant in time. We all remember the Music Classic ”Vita via” i.e. my Homeland of the composer Bedrich Smetana who is a Thequoslovakian romantic composer having composed also the Moldaw piece of classic music.
The three basic propositions to prove the validity of a political theory or of an argument are: First, the invariance in time; Second: the invariance in space and Third, it’s practical application on to the ground.
This huge Arabic Nationalism current started as Pan Arabism in an effort to unify the Arabs post Ottoman rulings thanks to the work of two Lebanese Arab Nationalist founders being Amin Al Rihani and Constantine Zureik.
Amine Rihani who is the author of ”Qualb Loubnan” i.e. the Heart of Lebanon was a Citizen of the United States of America. He visited at the end of the twenties century many times the Arabian Peninsula and Lebanon to promote the Arab unity methods.

Such unity thinking failed many times with them and also with Jamal Abdel Nasser and many others and the latest are between Syria and Lebanon which was an occupation like unity with its power from the Syrian army inside Lebanon. Aflaq’s reasoning on the failure to unify was deemed to be due to the foreign countries at that time, and mainly the West European who wanted to colonialise the Middle East in order to profit from its resources.
He saw that those Western countries are the barriers to unity and progress of the Arabs rather than the underdeveloped conditions of the Arabs themselves and their countries then.
By conditions, I mean social, economic, technological, religious etc.
His thinking was just retro facto depending on his meskine daily observations of the political situation in the Arabic countries.
Aflaq thought was mainly founded on the philosophy of Marx, Lenin, Nietzsche and Gide. His fascist ideology stems from Hitler being rooted in Nietzsche. However, he rejected communism and materialism, the same as his two other associates Bitar and Arzouzi.

Zaqui Al Arzouzi, a Alouite Baathist studied also with Michel Aflaq and Salah Bitar in the Sorbonne of Paris. He was interested in Descartes, Bergson, Fitch, Kant and Nietzsche as European philosophers and Ibn’ Al Arabi as an Arabic theologist and Ibn khaldoun as an Arabic philosopher. His mind looks to me clearer and more adapted to Arabic evolution having Descartes, Ibn Al Arabi and Ibn Khaldoun as the main inspirers.
However, being of literal orientation he didn’t leave considerable Cartesian approach to Arab Nationalism and mainly to the Baathism.

Last, Salah Bitar didn’t leave any remarquable writings on the Baathism although he was a physics and mathematics teacher in Syria following his return from France. He was of superficial thinking and just a critic of the late Hafez Asad.
In consequences, Michel Aflaq was only the most brilliant writer on Arab Nationalism having his philosophical inspirers best fitted to his time and more or less obsolete now a days. Actually, It is not to me to judge such people this being the task of history, myself not being a philosopher.
Zaqui Arzouzi philosophical inspirers were fifty years ahead of his time however, better fitted now a days. Arzouzi is more polyvalent as a thinker than Aflaq because of the presence of the Arabic Ibn Al Arabi and Ibn Khaldoun.
In consequence, my rational Cartesian Descartes like approach to Arab Nationalism is nearer to Zaki Arzouzi having in addition to him, Spinoza like type of philosophical and theological approach to Arab Nationalism and Zionism.
Michel Aflaq with his voluminous writings could have been enhanced by some Presidents of Arabic Republics at that time.
It could be that other paid political thinkers and writers contributed to this huge paper works! Aflaq, however was the mind behind such a thought.
The reason behind, being to cluster popular masses around an Arabic leader, may be.

My philosophical approach to Arabic Unity stems from Physics and mainly Thermodynamics and Ecology.

According to thermodynamics laws all systems of the universe evolve from a high energy state to a lower one in order to reach stability and hence equilibrium.
In this process, the System Entropy increases with a release of Energy to the Universe.
In addition, the Shannon Index of the System which measures its diversity increases also the same as Ecological Systems. The Shannon Index was developed at the Battel Institute of the United States of America to measure Ecological Diversity as a sign of System Stability. In Politics, I will propose it also to measure Political Diversity of Systems in addition to Entropy of Thermodynamics as a measure of Political System Stability.
All Thermodynamic Systems evolve from high energy level to a lower one primarily through system disintegration producing more stable sub systems in number with increased entropy and diversity.
Such a natural evolutionary system is supposed to be closed from the outside environment with no outside energy fed to it.

Arab Nationalism as Pan Arabism having a high Inertia because of it’s huge initial size in the Arabic countries from the Eastern Arabic continent near the Arabian Gulf, to the Western Arabian continent near the Atlantic Ocean at the time of Sati Housari and Sheriff Hussein, evolved by Transformal Mutual Integration and Disintegration. The result was Arab Socialist Movement of Akram Hourani who latter went into fusion with the Baath Socialist Party of Aflaq, Bitar and Arzouzi.
Latter on, the Nasserites movement of Jamal Abdel Nasser who is an Arabic Nationalist went into fusion to the Syrian Socialist Baath Party which was for a short duration before a fission that split the Syrian Baath from the Nasserites Party of Egypt.
In consequence, Arabic unity could not be realized at that time because of the huge inertia of the National Arab Movement in addition to, the political situation in the Middle East and the minimal interferences of European Politics, versus maximal interference of the late Soviet Union one in the destiny of the Arab politics who was young and fragile. In that respect, I rejoin Aflaq a bit.
Hence, the whole Arabic Nationalist movement disintegrated into the Syrian Baath, the Iraqi Baath, and Nasserites movement in Egypt, Fattah movement among the Palestinians refugees and the various other movements in Lebanon, Libya and Algeria.
Other countries went into Monarchies as the Arabian Peninsula and Jordan whose leaders had also parental affiliations to the initial Arabic Nationalist Movement.
In consequence, the disintegration of the main Arab Nationalist Movement was more of a final result than the temporary and short life Arab Unity.
The Gross net result was diversity in the Arabic Political Movements and Parties in the Middle East with consequently an increase in the Diversity Index of Politics as in Ecology.
The Process of Unifications of Nations occurred in those few years between the late Eastern Europe and Western one.
According to my thermodynamics theory of entropy increase leading to stability, nations tend to split apart rather than cluster together.
The main reason behind such a feasible European Unity is the Huge Energy Mass provided to Western Europe from the break up of the Soviet Union and it’s satellites in Eastern Europe. The result was Europe Unity which otherwise was impossible from thermodynamics philosophy.
Such a situation is absent in the case of the Arabic countries to unify only in remote time, when another nearby unified community of countries would disintegrate for certain reasons providing the energy to unify the Arabs into one cause in a remote time. Hence, such an idea should be clearly abandoned since unfeasible for many years to come.
In hydro economy and particularly desalination, the word Energy is replaced by Exergy which is the energy and thermodynamics of a system in term of economics. Such a mentioning appeared in the book of the Principles of Desalination by Spiegler and Laird.
Since ”Exergy” is the energy of Hydro Systems, then I will call ”Epergy” the energy of political systems.

The Strength of Arabic Nationalism was estimated to be an in hyperbolic relation to Fundamentalism. This was exposed in my previous paper on that subject.
The Strength of Moslem Fundamentalism was in linear relation to Christian or Jewish Fundamentalism. This was also exposed previously.
Since Strength of Arab Nationalism= Strength of Moslem Fundamentalism, then a common mean to increase the strength of Arab Nationalism was to decrease the one of Moslem Fundamentalism and most often was carried by brutal oppression of the Moslem Fundamentalist masses. At that time, as in Syria and Iraq, such an equation was not in the mind of the authorities of these two countries.
A solution to that should have been as follows:
We keep the Strength of Moslem Fundamentalism constant without a brutal oppression, then we increase the Strength of the Arab Nationalist Square from 100% to say 400% by external strengthening to that square being provided by other Brother Arabic countries whether adjacent or not.
Such an exterior help when necessary can be materialistic or unmaterialistic one.
When such is accomplished, the Strength of Arabic Nationalism increases over Moslem Fundamentalism resulting in the Strengthening of the Arab Nationalism, example the Baath, in power and number so that, currents of mass of populations from Moslem Fundamentalist, example the Moslem brothers, quit that to join the Baath increasing it in number and strength. In Arabic countries, all Moslem Fundamentalists with no terrorist backgrounds have unlimited love to the Arabism so that they are ready to sacrify a certain cause in favor of the ”Al Ouroubah” i.e. the ”Arabism” more or less equivalent to the ”Al-Assabiah Al Arabiah” of the Syrian Al Azham .
The main reason is that the Prophet Mohammad is the ”Arabic Prophet”i.e ”Al Nabi Al Arabi” having passed to his followers the Koran Teachings as a mean essentially to combat Pageantry in Arabia in addition to ameliorating the Arabic social life.
Therefore with my approach, Arabic Nationalism as the Baath for instance increases in Strength more and more above the strength of Moslem Fundamentalism without any brutal oppression to Moslem Brothers or others. I am not sure if the the Salafists such as Al Qaeda belong to those Nationalists.

The previously existing Baathists masses in Iraq were tremendously reduced by the brutal action of the army of the United States of America on the Baath headquarter in 2003 resulting in a sudden increase in Moslem Fundamentalism according to my theory.
I will stick to that theory irrespective who was the brutal stricker of the Baath whether the U.S.A or others. I am presenting my Cartesian theory that latter I will have to prove it’s invariance in Space and Time.
This is my personal theoretical approach and I am not implementing it on any Arabic regime in any manner.

The main benefits of having the Iraq Baath for a long period of time of about 35 years is that, this Baath Party left Political media channels inside the Iraq population masses that could be used latter on, in order to rebuild the Iraq Baath whose seeds should come mainly from the existing Syrian Baath.

The Canvas tissues or packages as used to be called at the time of Aflaq, Arzouzi and Bitar should be produced and woven in the U.S.A, Great Britain, France and Syria. Egypt and Jordan and even Israel can play a role in that respect.
This Resurrection of this Iraqi Baath will in few years attenuate the Moslem Fundamentalism in Iraq. The Iraq Sunni or Shiaa being firstly Arabs.

The International Tribunal

Any Plots to destabilize the Syrian Baath at that time should be stopped.
In Messianic Thinking, those Lebanese Anti-Syrian fractions by destabilizing the Syrian Baath are acting now a days contrary to King Solomon’s Wisdom in that story that any youngster should know.
When that King wanted to split that baby in half, the true mother preferred to leave it to the wrong one that was careless. The Wise King latter donated that Baby to its true mother.
If this Syrian Antagonist move was really at least ”Pro Arabic” with the Minimum of Arabic Nationalism, then they would have abandoned this Jerk like Divine Comedy called: ”The International Tribunal” in charge of judging the Syrian Arabic Baath, being accused of the Assassination of the late President Rafic Hariri. This Syrian Baath must be preserved being this truly ”Arabic Torche” Enlightening the whole Arabian Masses. They are setting the Trial of the Syrian Baath which is the Best Arabic Nationalist Movement in this Area at that time, even much deeper than Nasserism.
Can they predict the consequences to that on the Arabic scene?

What if in about twenty years from now, they discover some archeological sites in Arabia with sayings from the Prophet Mohammad to Abi Baker Al Siddik or to the Sahaba of the Rashidun, mentioning that the Arabian Prophet dreamed of the Great Arabic Nation to live in Peace with others!
What if the Prophet dreamed of the arrival in one day of the Arabic Nationalism as a State? What if the sayings were to any one of the Rashidoun? What if it was to one of the four Hadith Imams?
In that respect, we find ourselves deprived of the Baath Teachings and later from all Arabic Nationalist Movements Ideologies.
What if the actual Syrian Baath is the Major Motor Force behind all Arab Nationalism in the Middle East?
The Apocalyptic consequences in the Middle East will only be seen at the end when, it is too late to come backward.

Another Messianic Thinking: May God Forgive Them For What They Are Doing.
The consequent Weakening of the Syrian Baath will enhance Moslem Fundamentalism according to my hyperbolic formula. An example is what is currently occurring in Lebanon at that time in Nahr Al Bared.
The Exiting of the Syrian Baath from the Lebanese scene in 2005 following President Hariri assassination, have led to the rise of Moslem fundamentalism according to my theory and publically affirmed by the Head of the Lebanese Army who declared that Syria is not responsible of those events.
This leads to the Logic Cartesian deduction that the Syrian Baath is no longer involved in Lebanon Internal Affairs.
Hence another time, may God forgive them in what they are doings. The consequences of such a an International Tribunal is the Agonization of the Souls of Major Arab Nationalist Leaders among them the late Christians such : as Amin Al Rihani, Constantine Zureik, Boutros Al Boustani, Michel Aflaq, Anton Saadeh; late Moslems as Sati’ Al Husari, Sheriff Al Hussein, Hafiz Al Assad, Zaki Al Arzuzi, Salah Bitar, Jamal Abdel Nasser, Anwar Al Sadat, Saddam Hussein, Adnan Al Hakim, Anis Al Saghir, Rafiq Al Hariri; late Druze as Shakib Arslan and the list can continue without an end.


The Peace Treaty between two Political Currents with High Inertia in the Middle East should be accomplished with a Third one of still higher inertia in the United States of America. The reason is that, the initiation of peace between two big political streams of thinking might see the sudden streaming in of other political currents whether primary or secondary from other Arabic countries in the region into the Syrian Baath and, also secondary or primary political currents from Europe into Zionism.
In consequence, the presence of a High Inertia American Political Current or Party or even two, will buffer any unforeseen results being the High Inertia Axis of Symmetry of the Holy Cross.
The actual Syrian Baath according to me is now in his Second Evolutionary Phase which is called the ”Struggle of The Baath”.
The first one being the Foundation of the Baath with Aflaq, Arzouzi and Bitar and mainly the late Hafiz Al Assad as the Arabic Political Mind in the execution on the ground of this Baath Though. Hafiz Al Assad, a military officer was similar to Pericles, a military general who is the founder of Athena, the City of Socrates. It is from Socrates in Athena that Democracy was initiated to be latter exposed as a philosophy by Plato.
His Son, the actual President of Syria Bashar Al Assad, is the actual pursuer and accomplisher of the Struggle of the Baath Phase that might ends with a Peace Process with the Jewish State.
Subsequently to the Peace Agreement, the Syrian Baath will go into the Growth and Progress Phase having the Arabic Unity as a long time Messianic Aspiration according to my Theory.
In this philosophy, the Al Husari German Romantism or now a day the Arabic Romantism, will continue to unify each Arab with his land and country, while the Messianic Romantism leads to the aspiration of the whole Arabic citizens into remote in time Arabic Unity. Such a Messianic Romantism, will bind the Arabic minds all together to the Jewish minds of the citizens of Israel in the Land of Zion. In the same manner, these Zionist citizens will have remote Messianic aspirations towards Universal Zionism and more Peace agreements with other Arab countries.

In a previous paper of mine, I have raised the question of the fate of the Homo Faber Mind vs. Homo Sapient Mind in Globalization.
The Homo Faber mind with its different levels can be found in all categories of people from the blue collars to the white collars then to the professionals and technicians.
Such a Homo Faber mind or wave doesn’t have a true identity and can be affected by the location that it crosses. If such a wave rises from America and travels to Europe, it starts to weaken the Homo Sapient minds in these Western European countries thus, transforming some of the weak among them into Homo Faber minds.
This wave then crosses Europe to the Middle East and is nearly not affected because of the Homo Sapient minds in Israel that counterbalance the Arabian ones. Then this same wave crosses Russia that acts on it as in Europe to reach finally China and Japan were it acquires Chinease-Mangolian-Japanease like Homo Faber characteristics then is reflected back into Russia, Middle East, Europe and last America with a mixture of all!
The Homo Sapient mind however, is resistant to changes keeping thus its identities because of the following analysis.
The Homo Sapient having intelligence with a huge subconscious mind that acts as a buffer to changes, operates as follows. His subconscious has been developed over the years by the learning process whether this Homo Sapient is in France, Germany, Scandinavia, Great Britain, and Greece, Italy or others.
This huge Freud like intelligence memory has developed its identity will reject any viruses or perturbations from the Homo Faber Minds, hence acting as a buffer and resisting changes to preserve Homo Sapient identity, therefore Culture and History.

Many of us have probably seen in these latest years books on shelves of bookstores presenting a Meskin illustration and philosophy of Arab Nationalism and an Enhanced illustration and philosophy of all types of Fundamentalisms in the Middle Eastern Region as shown below:

?????????????????? ?

? Meskin Illustration of???????????????? Enhanced Illustration of

Arab Nationalism?????? ????????????????????? ?Fundamentalism

Well, these types of wrong and distorted approaches which are just paper works,
Haven’t proved to the population masses any on the ground applications by their producers, are at their end since a different approach to both by myself, with applications onto the ground, and is on its way with a Sphinx like Arab Nationalism i.e.
”Al Quaymeyoun Al Arab” to rise in the Middle East as the best philosophy to fit that region for all times.

Schematic Illustration of The New Arab Nationalisms(Sphinx and Titans)

The Theory of Cartesian and Messianic and Mahedic Ideologies in the Quantification of the Peace Process in the Middle East will result in the Clash of Titan Ideological Political Parties in Syria and Israel resulting in a Spark that will lead to the Light of Democracy.
The Clash of Military Armies will lead to a Spark that generates Wars and Despairs.
The Clash of Fundamentalism will lead to a Spark that leads to a huge light that blinds the people who provoqued it, resulting in their Loss into the Wilderness.

Then tell me, which of these three Alternatives is the Best?


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